Well you're here, so let me introduce myself. My name is Rob Chapman and I work in technology. It's hard to narrow it down more than that because I've done technology is so many different ways it's just easier to just keep it broad. When I talk to my grandmother I just tell her I work with computers. 

I didn't always plan to work in technology. Honestly, I thought I would follow my dad and become a minister. I just really dug theology and my dad was always great to talk to. My mom's pretty great too but that was the idea for the career at the time. I walked away from University with a degree in education and began thinking about my next steps for seminary and a job. My career in technology began by accident shortly after graduation. I ran into a friend that told me about potential graduate work opportunities and to make slightly longer story short I ended up working on masters while focusing on eductional technology and working as a G.A. 

Fast forward to late 2007 and early 2008 and I was working at TTU migrating their elearning platform from WebCT to D2L. My contract was almost up and at the height of the recession I was about to be unemployed and newly married. So I looked all around the country for jobs and landed at Trinity University working in educational technology. I had a blast there working with many wonderful people before I had a friend reach out to consider taking a positions on the data science and BI team for his company in Nashville. I'd been wanting to get back home from San Antonio so the wife and I packed up and we came back to middle TN. The company divested and I went with the new spin off and took a position as security lead at MAPCO Express. We had a monumental task which was to build a replacement IT practice from scratch for a company that had shared a service before. 

That all leads me here today for the moment. I work with a wonderful group of folks at MAPCO Express. 


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